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Airport Management courses: Fees, syllabus, Qualification, Jobs, Skills Required and Top Institute in Lucknow

Airport management courses are looking at an increasing demand, with the industry standing at the cusp of exponential growth in India. Data suggests that India will need over 400 airports and 300 aircrafts too meet its air-traffic requirements. Thus, the rising requirement for airline and airport management courses.

Top institute for airport management courses in Lucknow

One important reason why airport courses are so popular amongst the new entrants in the field is that they create a host of job opportunities that didn’t exist before. IAHR aviation institution is a highly esteemed institution providing a certificate in airport management. It is often stated to be the best aviation academy in Lucknow.

The institute employs highly qualified professionals that ensure the best learning curve for all its students. This is one of the reasons why it is considered to be the greatest aviation academy in Lucknow by many.

Airport management course details

Airport management courses in general are designed to be highly precise, and cater towards the ground expectations of the industry. Some of the best aviation institutes in Lucknow ensure that the candidates get a holistic grasp of the basics of airline and airport management.

Certificate Course in Airport Management

The reason why a certificate in airport management provided by IAHR is highly valuable is that it covers a wide range of aspects of airline and airport management like airport security, airport planning, passenger forecasting and even safety and security.

Often, airport management course fees is something that many candidates might find daunting, but the reward waiting at the end of the line in the form of salary after completion of airport management courses is worth every penny.

Jobs in Airport Management Course

The airport management course equips all its participants for various kinds of employment opportunities in civil aviation - whether its in the domestic sector or in the international sector. You can refer to the section on the scope of airport management courses below to understand the available jobs in airport management courses better.

The team of experts who designed the course in IAHR aviation institute in Lucknow sought to match the rising standards demanded by the aviation industry and provide only the best to all its students.

Airport management course qualifications include:

  • The candidate must be 17 years old or above to be eligible for airline management courses
  • The candidate must have either completed their 12th standard or must be appearing for the same at the time of their application
  • For students still appearing for their 12th, they will only be provided a certification upon their successful completion of the same
  • Basic communication skills in English and minimal familiarity with the language
  • Flair for the service industry
  • Having a pleasant, friendly disposition is considered a plus for airport job courses

Once a candidate has successfully completed an airport job course and acquired a certificate in airport management, they will be eligible to be employed as cabin crew or even as ground staff. Those who finish airline and airport management courses often get scouted by esteemed airlines and are offered lucrative remuneration packages, right from the beginning.

Salary after completion of Airport Management Course

For those searching for a remunerative job opportunity after successfully completing an airport job course, a vast number of opportunities are available. Starting from high-level positions such as an airport manager, zonal business manager, or airport operation manager to starting positions such as the airport ground staff, or the client servicing executive, plenty of options are there.

Depending on various factors like the job profile, years of experience, and the like, the salary of a candidate with a certificate in airport management can be determined. On an average, the annual remuneration packages range from Rs. 3 to 8 lakhs per annum. The highest salary goes to top executives like the zonal business managers, who can earn more than Rs. 14 lakhs per annum. While the starting positions pay about Rs. 3 lakhs per annum. These will also vary with the company or the airline recruiting you as well.

Top recruiters for airport management courses

The top recruiters after successful completion of airline and airport management course are most likely domestic and international flight operators. The more esteemed the airline, the higher the likely payout can be expected to be. Some of the top recruiters after airport managemenct courses are IGAI, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways, Emaar, Emirates, Etihad Airways, IndiGo Airlines, NHS, and so forth.

For those searching for jobs in airport management courses or after successful completion of such courses, the IAHR institute can be one of the best aviation institutes in Lucknow.

Airport Management Courses Syllabus

Airport management courses cover a vast range of topics starting from English and Communication to Aviation and Customer Relation Management. Aviation courses in Lucknow also include cabin crew course, airport management course, aviation courses, ground staff training, and the like.

English is essential for a career in the aviation industry due to the inherently global nature of the industry. English is the only medium for communication in many countries and is recognized as a basic requirement the world over and is thus an important module in any airline and airport management course. Professional goals become far more within reach if you are conversant in English.

This airport management course will take you through lessons in English grammar basics of communicating with people in English. The best airport courses even offer practical exposure to the language in the form role-play, group discussions and extempore.

The ability to communicate effectively is a key skill to have in the service industry. Learn from industry experts as a part of the airline and airport management course offered by all aviation institutes in Lucknow. Effective voice modulations, proper body language, etiquette, pronunciation and listening skills all form an essential part of any airport management course.

Communicating with all stakeholders successfully is a fundamental requirement for all those employed in the service industry. This is even more true for the aviation industry. All major airport courses impart knowledge in this field which enables candidates to achieve personal goals and climb the ladder to success.

Any airport management course will open many doors of opportunities for all candidates, whether it be as a member of the cabin crew, ground staff or customer support. The best aviation institutes in Lucknow like IAHR open options both in the domestic market as well as in the international market.

Due to the heavy reliance placed on air transport by industrial establishments the world over, the demand for airport courses and the resultant jobs are on the rise. In this particular aspect of the airlines and airport management course, learn about the basic structure of an aircraft, the safety and security procedures to be followed, announcement systems, emergency procedures and the like.

Hospitality management part of airport courses focuses on subsidiary aspects of the aviation industry like the operation of hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, travel agencies, etc.

The IAHR aviation institute in Lucknow offers great opportunity to learn about a vast array of activities like the front office, back office, customer relations and guest relations. Airport management course also lets the students develop insight into everyday airport-related activities like check-in, check-out, types of hotels, common terminology of the hospitality industry, and other essential practices.

The Airline and airport management course offered by IAHR institute features a dynamic module on personality development that helps the candidate achieve great confidence in themselves and appear more presentable, ready for the service industry. Face all the hurdles in your professional life with finesse after this airline management course.

Feel the ripples of successfully completing an airport job course in your personal life as well. Let the course work its magic and build your confidence and your self-esteem. The course will also help you set positive goals, become more comfortable with public speaking, develop a more amiable attitude and work on your teamwork skills.

Just like personality development, a module on grooming is an integral part of any airport course. The course will cover aspects like basic hygiene, skin care, hair care, corporate dressing, professional etiquette and mannerisms, and the like.

The candidates are also introduced to sessions on basic make-up, and the do’s and dont’s of grooming in the service industry. Experience a boost of self-confidence and face the world head-on with a newfound energy after this course. Also, feel the positive impact after completing the airport management course in your personal life.

IAHR aviation institute in Lucknow is considered the best in its league because of its customer relation management module. The curriculum in this airline and aiport management course will help the candidate understand fundamental aspects of customer relation management including types of customers, customer orientation, building values with a customer, techniques of handling customers, and the like.

Our specialized trainers train you in CRM by practical methods like role plays, group exercises, and capacity-building games.