Hospitality Management Courses

Hospitality Courses After 12th : Course Details, Salary, Scopes and top institutes in Lucknow

Hospitality courses after 12th are increasingly on the rise in the Indian and the global context. They have recently started gaining traction in India especially because of the rapid development of the hospitality industry itself in the country. Statistics suggest that India can expect an influx of about 30.5 million international tourists by 2029.

Details of hospitality management courses after 12th

Open doors to premium national and international hotel chains, leisure activitiy destinations like clubs and cruises, and other leading hospitality set-ups all over with hospitality courses after 12th.

Courses related to hospitality offer insight into two major aspects of the industry: front office and guest relations. The IAHR institute offers an 8 month long certificate course, right after which the participants are ready to join the work-force.

With many hospitality management courses after 12th being available, choosing the best alternative might seem like a daunting task. And the fast-paced growth of the industry has encourage a host of hospitality management colleges in Lucknow to offer a wide variety of courses related to hospitality. IAHR offers skilled professionals and a well-designed curriculum to make your entry into the field smoother and faster.

Starting right from the beginning positions to the managerial and executive positions, courses related to hospitality will make you eligible for all. Whether it be theme parks or holiday planners, several job opportunities become within reach. With rapid shift from the unorganized sector to the organized sector, the hospitality industry has opened many possibilities for today’s youth.

The swift expansion of hospitality and tourism jobs in India can be attributed to the fact that India has become the world’s fifth-largest destination for global retail over the past couple of decades. Additionally, e-commerce has seen an exponential rise in the Indian economy, contributing to the increase in the scope of hospitality industry. With a plethora of options to choose from, e-commerce and consumerism have brought in an era of surge in hospitality industry in India.

Hospitality Courses after 12th: Hospitality Courses after 12th: Eligibility and Admission

  • Candidates who have completed 12th standard or are appearing for the exam are eligible for courses related to hospitality.
  • Since hospitality management studies are a professional course, a certificate will only be awarded after the candidate has completed their 12th standard.
  • For hospitality courses after 12th, the candidate must be conversant in both Hindi and English.
  • Having a pleasant personality and a flair for the service industry are a must for hospitality management courses after 12th
  • The candidate must be 17 years or above to be eligible for hospitality courses in Lucknow or elsewhere.

Syllabus of Hospitality Courses after 12th

Hospitality management course duration is 8 months during this, one will have to study a long list of subjects. These subjects cover almost all domains in the field of study.

All courses related to hospitality will necessary contain a module on English and how to communicate in it effectively. With the increasingly global exposure that the candidates can expect to get, English becomes an integral part of the routine. Nearly all hospitality jobs in Lucknow or elsewhere will list English as a requirement due to the inherently global nature of the work.

The course will cover aspects like tenses, punctuation, vocabulary, conversational skills and the like. One of the reasons why IAHR is considered to be one of the best hospitality management colleges in Lucknow is that it includes interactive sessions wherein candidates can polish their English communication skills via group discussions, role plays, debates, extempore speeches, and the like.

Along with effective English, communication is a skill that anyone hoping to complete hospitality courses after 12th must master. To be succesful in the service industry, effective communication skills are an essential.

A well-designed module on communication will include body language, voice modulation, enunciation, pronunciation and even effective listening skills. Hospitality jobs in Lucknow are likely to be looking for candidates with excellent communication skills, something IAHR promises to all its candidates.

Keeping with the trends in the industry, the best of hospitality management colleges in Lucknow like IAHR have introduced retail management as an important part of hospitality management courses after 12th. The module seeks to cater to the ground requirements of the industry.

The curriculum for this module is designed by industry experts and will include training in inventory management, offline and online store management, customer behavior of the retail industry, payments, and basic accounting management of the human resource.

Courses related to hospitality provide the requisite skill set for a variety of hospital and tourism jobs. This module, in particular, will equip candidates for positions in the front office, the back office, customer relation, and guest relations. As a student in IAHR, you will also be introduced to concepts like check-in, check-out, types of hotels, basic terminology of the industry, and the like. Understanding the key trends and developing practices in the industry in the post-COVID era is an added advantage of this module.

Hospitality management courses in India include personality development as an integral module in this course. Any robust hospitality course in Lucknow or elsewhere will enable all candidates to develop their skill set to keep up with the industry requirements and trends.

IAHR employs field experts to provide a participative personality development experience to all its candidates. Anyone searching for hospitality jobs in Lucknow can rely on this module to make them presentable and prepare them to confront all challenges that life throws at them head-on. The module focuses on positive attitude, goal setting, public speaking, powerful body language, teamwork, stress management, professional protocols of service industry and a lot more. etc.

Similar to personality development, grooming is another important module for all hospitality management courses after 12th. This particular module seeks to familiarize the candidate with important aspects like basic hygiene, skin care, hair care, corporate dressing, professional etiquette and mannerisms, and the like.

The candidates are also introduced to sessions on basic make-up, and the do’s and dont’s of grooming in the service industry. Find the confidence to face all hurdles in your professional life successfully after completing any of the hospitality courses in Lucknow. You can observe the direct impact of this module in your personal life as well.

What is hospitality management course without a module on customer relation management? This is the module that sets IAHR apart from other hospitality management colleges in Lucknow. The design of this module in the hospitality and tourism management course will enable the candidate to grasp basic concepts of customer relation management, which includes types of customers, customer orientation, building values with a customer, techniques of handling customers, and the like.

IAHR’s field experts will train you in CRM with the help of immersive techniques like role plays, group exercises, and capacity-building games.