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Certificate Course In Retail Management & Customer Services

The retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries. India is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space. Entry of new global giants in the retail sector makes it more flourishing and booming. The shift in the retail industry from an unorganized sector to an organized venture has generated ample job options from executive to managerial positions. E-retail jumps in leaps-n-bounds during a pandemic. People felt the power of e-retail. Huge placements opportunities in the field of retail and customer services are waiting for budding youngsters.

Retail industry has increased drastically and focused on addressing consumers and gives you an opportunity to enroll yourself into an interesting lifestyle and wide-ranging of career path. If you hold the skill of being a people's person, you acquire huge growth opportunities. Our courses will train you for all necessary skills to handle all kinds of different personalities. People who work in retail take pride in their work and will never get bored. Where problem-solving is a crucial skill the retail industry makes you solve any complex situation.


  • 12th pass or appeared, ( Graduation appearing/pass can also apply )
  • Students studying in 12th Class can also take admission. However, the certificate will be awarded only after passing the 12th standard
  • Basic knowledge of English & Hindi
  • Flair for service industry
  • Age – 17 years and above

What you’ll learn

With English being the most spoken language in the world, it is absolutely vital to learn the language in order to have a successful career in Hospitality industry. This course is primarily designed to help each IAHR student communicate effectively in the English language at work. Each lesson in this course is extremely interactive. Students are able to constantly practice their language skills and also learn about key aspects of correct and effective communication.
The course trains the student on the grooming skills required in the hospitality industry. Topics that are covered here include skin and hair care, western and traditional attires, and basic grooming practices, dental care, professional make-up techniques etc. The important art of walking impressionably and following certain social etiquettes are also covered.

IAHR has come up with a retail management module by seeing its significance in the field of retail business. This module is completely developed to cater to the recent manpower needs in the field of Retail Management. This module prepares you to face the technical and behavioural challenges of retail industry. Our trainers will groom you on all the nitty-gritties of retail. You will also be equipped to conquer the e- retailing cosmos.

You will be trained on Retail Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Decision Making Process, Retail Shop Management, Retail Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relation Management ( CRM ) and E- Retail etc. Apart from all this, you learn various retail formats and emerging trends in retail industry.

Sales and retail are like twin brothers, retailing without effective selling techniques seems incomplete. We train our students in necessary sales practices and procedures. You get familiar with the real sales world by role-plays. We teach you Targeting & Positioning, Sales Techniques, Product Life Cycle, and Retail Market Segmentation.

CRM or Customer Relation Management is an integral part of sales and retail. You will be exposed to Customer Expectations, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Types, etc. As a retail specialist, you will also be taught Complaint Handling skill set, art of negotiation, and Mutual Conclusion. In brief, we make you fully prepared with CRM to handle the customers.

Retail is all about dealing with people, this module grooms your personality in such a way, that you absorb all necessary traits of personality in order to excel in retail world. Our student-friendly effective teaching techniques completely convert you into hardcore retail personnel. The doable exercises and role play make you completely job-ready.

As the name suggests, this course prepares the student for successfully facing even the toughest interviews in the hospitality industry. Mock interviews are conducted during the course. Students are prepared to answer all the questions that can be put to them in the interviews. Besides, the IAHR trainers will also share knowledge for preparing the perfect resume and covering letters.